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The right attorney is an important component of your overall legal strategy as you get prepared to head into court.

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Mass Tort Attorney

If you turn on the news it's not uncommon to read about mass tort lawsuits against very large companies. Mass tort is a legal term to describe a lawsuit where there are numerous people (or plaintiffs) who are taking legal action against defendant(s) for similar reasons. You have may remember some examples of mass tort cases that are in the news against companies for things like faulty airbags or pharmaceutical drugs that cause harm. If you have experienced an injury or some sort of trauma that you think may be a mass tort type of case, Zanes Law would like to hear your story, answer any questions and give you an honest assessment of your case. If you have a mass tort case, you deserve a mass tort lawyer who is experienced in knowing the details and intricacies of researching, organizing, filing, negotiating, and trying cases in this type of civil action. A mass tort attorney knows that when a corporation or entity is responsible for causing injuries to numerous people, the injured, as a group, may file a civil action in a state or federal court against the harming party.

Monetary Compensation You Deserve - It’s Your Right

While the attorneys at Zanes Law Firm know that no amount of money can adequately make up for the suffering caused by a catastrophic injurious event, you have a moral and legal right to be monetarily compensated. As your mass tort attorneys, we are committed to working hard to win the compensation you deserve and will fight your battle with insurance companies, attorneys, and the courts.

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If you have been injured or adversely affected as a result of a company, companies or product that you think may have affected numerous people the same way as you, it would be wise to speak with a lawyer or law firm who is experienced and knowledgable about mass tort cases and have them listen to your case, answer your questions and give an honest assessment of your situation.

You certainly can speak to any personal injury lawyer about your case but when there's so much at stake financially, emotionally and with respect to getting the proper healthcare, our recommendation is to speak with an attorney or law firm who is experienced with regards to mass tort litigation so that they can advise you of what the best legal course of action is. You need legal help from a law firm who has the ability to see the potential of your case and who will help you obtain the largest financial recovery possible. Zanes Law has acheived this for countless injury victims and mass tort legal victims throughout their 18 year history.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, some examples of the types of mass tort litigation we could help with are defective medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs with harmful effects, toxic contamination, pollution, defective automobiles, pollution, food contamination, safety hazards that affected numerous people, plane and train crashes. If you have experienced any sort of injury like these, call Zanes Law today at (844) 926-3752

Generally speaking, mass tort cases involve large companies with deep legal and financial resources and as you can imagine, this can make a mass tort lawsuit take a year or more to see it’s conclusion. This is by no means the rule and some cases are settled in months however that is not the norm.

We work on a contingency basis for our clients who have been injured. This means all the financial risk associated with the cost of your lawsuit are taken on by Zanes Law and you owe us nothing unless you make a financial recovery as the result of your case, in which case we take a percentage.

When Zanes Law Firm takes on your mass tort lawsuit, we will commit to doing everything necessary to win the compensation that both you and the other group members deserve. As a premier mass tort law firm, our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of injured people who have been harmed in these types of incidents. With our guidance through the process, we’ll help minimize the stress of your ordeal so you can focus on healing or grieving the loss of your loved one.

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