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Are class action and mass tort cases the same?

How do you know if you have a mass tort case? You won’t truly know until the case has been filed and approved by a judge, who may mark it as a mass tort case once the requirements have been met. Generally, the cases must be for similar complaints from a large group of people. The judge will take into consideration the location of the victims, known as the plaintiffs, and whether they are suing about the same single product toward the same defendant. If it is considered a mass tort case, each plaintiff will have their own trial. This is different from a class action lawsuit, in which there is one trial for all of the victims. Here is a list of noteworthy Mass Tort Cases from 2017.

Mass tort cases often involve a product failure of some kind. They can also be a pharmaceutical failure or side effect. In 2017, for example, one of the largest cases was against Endo International, who eventually had to settle 22,000 separate vaginal mesh failure cases. Sometimes, these cases result in settlements that are upwards of $20 million per person. The results of defective products and pharmaceuticals can be physically and emotionally distressing. It is important to file sooner rather than later as problems can develop further down the road.

A large amount of cases involving mass tort liability are a large group of consumers against a rather large, powerful company. Getting the legal help you need is an important step in recovering from the stressful ramifications of defective products. Since you may not be able to put together the case yourself or be knowledgeable about the relevant laws, it’s a good idea to call Zanes Law earlier rather than later. A Mass Tort Attorney at Zanes Law can help you get organized and get your papers together the right way, the first time. You will also want a lawyer to help you through the legal process of recovering your medical expenses for any physical and emotional damages, as soon as possible.

One of the important things to know about mass tort cases is the fact that many plaintiffs are in the same position. Coming to see a Mass Tort Attorney at Zanes Law can help you get better informed about the medical damages and other things you may expect. You can also keep up to date on your case through the lawyer when it comes to other people's damages and discoveries. Call us today to start your case and recuperate your medical expenses.

Here at Zanes Law we are experienced in handling mass tort cases. We understand your need for compassionate, professional legal representation when it comes to pursuing damages and seeking justice for your suffering. Whether you have experienced negligence in a disaster case or a faulty product, you can trust our firm to strive for the best possible outcome. Mass tort cases can be complex and time consuming. Our firm will make sure that you don't have to handle the details by yourself.

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