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Can I claim compensation for Property Damage caused by a Structural Failure?

Property damage claims filed due to a structural failure can be complicated legal issues. Just as in any other type of damage claim, the material facts of the case can make all of the difference when the claim is evaluated by the court. But, before any case goes to court there is usually a lengthy period when the claimant is dealing with a respondent party or insurance company regarding protection for the claimed property. Property damage for some structural failures could include dealing with your own insurance company, but some structural failures are also caused by poor workmanship when repairs or upgrades have been made to the structure. There could actually be multiple claims available in certain situations. The circumstances surrounding the claim are vital in establishing responsibility as well as requirement to pay by the applicable insurance provider. And regardless of the scenario, it is always important to have experienced property structure failure attorneys handling the case who have seen a wide variety of structural failure damage claims.

Insurance Company Claims

The first contact with an insurance company will typically result in a visit from the claims adjuster for an inspection of the property. The insurance company claims adjuster will first establish the policy is in force according to the wording of the policy. Insurance companies are effectively contracts, and contracts can often have fine print that normally benefits the insurer. Adjusters also typically have a different assessment than the claimant, which could easily result in an unsatisfactory offer from the insurer. This is when property structural failure attorneys can be very helpful in negotiation with the insurance company and arriving at an accurate equitable insurance claim value.

Negligence Claims Against Individuals

Claims filed against individual structure owners and contractors will always involve an evaluation for negligence by all parties if a case goes to a full hearing. Successful cases must be proven by the claimant in detail as to why the opposing litigant was negligent with respect to a reasonable duty to maintain safe facilities or deliver satisfactory workmanship, which could even include a breach of contract when certain criteria are not met in the repair or construction process. Not only could a respondent be found liable for structural damage, but they could also be held responsible for an associated property damage claim as well.

Contact the Property Structural Failure Attorneys at Zanes Law

These cases are commonly strongly defended and often complicated to prove, but having an experienced and aggressive structural failure attorney like the legal professionals at Zanes Law means you will have solid legal representation just like the insurance providers or potentially negligent third parties who are defending the claim. Never let an insurance company deny you full compensation for property damage. Always call a legal professional for a satisfactory result.

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