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Can you Sue for Noise Pollution?

Defined strictly, noise pollution is an unwanted or disturbing sound that has a harmful impact on humans or animals. Noise pollution is a harmful act that is both glaring and insidious at the same time. Noise pollution is obvious, insofar as a loud noise is inescapable. Yet, the effects of noise pollution may not necessarily be known or felt as they occur. While one simply hears a loud noise, other harmful byproducts occur in response. Noise pollution is actionable as a tort and the laws do provide a remedy, provided that a plaintiff is able to prove the required elements in court.

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is prevalent in many areas of the country. Noise pollution impacts approximately 30 million people in the workplace. In addition, traffic and noises associated with transportation also impact a large number of Americans. It is estimated that 11 percent of the population is impacted by noise pollution each day and an additional four percent are affected at night. Predictably, it is the largest cities that have the worst problems with noise pollution due to traffic, construction and airplanes. In the U.S., the worst cities for noise pollution are New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In addition, cities that are hubs for the trucking industry are subject to high levels of noise pollution.

Noise pollution has a host of deleterious effects on those who are subjected to it. The most obvious effects are physical ones. There is a high correlation between loud noises and hearing loss. In addition, noise pollution can cause illness and injury through stress and sleep disturbance. The agitation and other effects from noise can also cause high blood pressure, ulcers and coronary artery disease. Noise pollution can also cause serious emotional distress due to its ability to cause sustained psychological disturbances. Finally, noise pollution can cause serious financial loss. Noise can lower real estate values because it negatively impacts the location of property. In addition, noise pollution also harms businesses by driving away customers who are disturbed by the intense and unwanted sounds.

In order to receive legal remedies for noise pollution, one usually has to prove the elements of a nuisance claim. These elements are an unreasonable act that continues for an unreasonable period that results in a nuisance. This nuisance must cause injury or damage that is caused by the nuisance. If a claim fails on any part of the preceding elements, a plaintiff will not receive compensation for noise pollution. Therefore, it is imperative to retain experienced legal counsel that can help a plaintiff prevail at court, both to stop the noise and to receive compensation for it.

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