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How can Food Contamination occur?

Food contamination is not the same as food poisoning, the difference between these two commonly seen problems in the modern-day U.S are startling. Food contamination is generally seen as a problem occurring somewhere between the growth of vegetables or slaughter of animals and the arrival of the food at its point of sale. Food poisoning, in contrast, tends to occur when products are not washed, cooked, or stored correctly in a restaurant or at home. Fortune estimates around 48 million Americans are affected by contaminated food each year at a cost of over $55 billion per year to the U.S. economy.

The Origin of Food Contamination

When we are affected by E.Coli or salmonella, we often ask the question, "how could this happen?" The simple answer to this is a level of negligence on the part of the grower of fruits and vegetables, slaughterhouse, processing plant, or transport company involved in bringing food to your table.

The CDC reports the food production chain is long and filled with points at which food can become contaminated. Following an outbreak of food contamination, Zanes Law investigates the food production chain and identifies the point of contamination which may be identified at multiple points of the chain.

Different Points of Contamination

Food contamination can occur at any point as your food travels to your plate, even before an egg is laid by a hen. An unhealthy hen can carry a virus it passes on through eggs which are later sold in a store leading to the eater becoming sick. Spraying a field with contaminated water can also pass on bacteria which is difficult to remove. The development of processing plants has added new points of possible contamination when an outbreak occurs. Processing plants may use contaminated water or fail to remove germs from animal hides which affect the final processed products sold to the U.S. public.

Distribution problems can occur at multiple points to contaminate food at various times through the movement of products to your table. Fresh produce can be affected in many different ways, including the problem of trucks overheating when refrigeration equipment is working incorrectly. The cleaning of trucks distributing fresh produce around the country after they are used to move livestock can lead to the development of dangerous bacteria.

Fighting a Food Contamination Case

You may find yourself in a legal battle aided by Zanes Law which will require you to prove you have been negatively affected by the defective food product eaten. Each state offers a different interpretation of food contamination law with the two main choices being a fight for compensation through strict liability or negligence on the part of the food distributor.

The experience of Zanes Law in fighting all kinds of food contamination cases makes this legal team a perfect choice for those who have been affected by bacteria in their food. Fighting your case in the right arena and using the law to your advantage are all possible when working with this top law firm.

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