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What is a Toxic Tort Case?

Toxic tort cases have become more and more common over the years. They are claims for harm that results from exposure to dangerous or toxic substances, such as chemicals, drugs or pesticides. Although there are countless new products introduced to the market on a daily basis, many of them are responsible for people developing and suffering from serious illnesses. In many cases, the ingredients that make up the substances are believed to be safe but turn out to be the opposite. In others, it is known that a substance or its ingredients can be dangerous when they accidentally leak into the air or seep into water.

It’s important to know more about toxic tort litigation in the event that you or someone you love has suffered an injury or illness as a result of exposure to these dangerous chemicals.

Toxic Tort Claims

The plaintiff in a toxic tort claim alleges that they have been exposed to a dangerous substance or chemical that caused them to become injured or suffer an illness. Generally, these types of claims are usually brought about by a group of people in a class action lawsuit. For example, if several people were working in a building or at a construction site that had asbestos and they all became ill, they would be entitled to jointly file a toxic tort lawsuit. Zanes Law mass tort attorneys can better explain how these cases are typically initiated. In general, the claims usually come about due to the following:

• Occupational Exposure: This occurs when workers are exposed to high levels of toxins over a short time or lower levels for a longer amount of time, such as asbestos.
• Pharmaceutical Drugs: Toxic tort claims for pharmaceutical drugs arise when a person has developed adverse side-effects that were unknown.
• Exposure at Home: This type of toxic tort claim can come about when people breathe in mold or asbestos in their home and get sick.
• Consumer Products: This often involves the use of pesticides that end up causing illness to the user.

In starting a toxic tort claim, the plaintiff is required to prove the following:

• The substance was dangerous
• They were exposed to the substance
• The substance caused them harm, generally an injury or illness

More often than not, toxic torts occur in the workplace as certain types of professions leave people exposed to chemicals or substances that can cause harm. In many instances, exposure stems from an employer’s failure to provide adequate safety measures and equipment to workers when they have to work around or with the substances.

Toxic torts can have an adverse effect not only on the individual who becomes ill but on their loved ones as well. Family members are left struggling to deal emotionally and financially with their loved one’s illness and paying for their medical bills. In the most extreme cases, the victim may die and the family is left to deal with the loss, as well as paying for funeral expenses.

Legal Assistance in Toxic Tort Cases

It’s important to have legal representation for a toxic tort case. This area of law is complex and requires a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer’s representation, instead of a plaintiff fighting alone. An attorney can help a plaintiff devise a strong case, that can ensure they receive the maximum compensation for their illness or injury, pain and suffering and loss of wages and future earnings capacity.

If you have a legitimate toxic tort claim, Zanes Law mass tort attorneys can help. You can begin a toxic tort lawsuit that results in recovering the compensation you and your family truly deserve.

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