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What is Environmental Law and the Types of Pollution?

A basic fundamental issue that environmental law seeks to balance is the public’s right to be free of toxic exposures and a person’s right to use and develop their property without being at risk. Exposure to environmental contaminants or toxic chemicals could affect a large number of potential plaintiffs.


A variety of state and federal laws have been established to avoid toxic exposures in the environment concerning matters such as:

Pollution of the air
Pollution of water
Hazardous waste
Other toxic pollutants

Pursuing liability may involve other areas of law including building codes, land use restrictions, condemnation regulations, zoning ordinances, and various others.

Type of Injuries and Damages

The particular harm alleged in each case is specific to the individualized facts and circumstances but typically involves bodily injury or disease and harm to an individual’s or business’ property or property rights. Zanes Law group will seek compensatory damages to redress the plaintiff’s actual harm, as well as punitive damages to punish the defendant and set an example to reduce the chances of other companies polluting the environment.


Causation is an essential and mandatory element of proof in any tort or personal injury case. Causation in mass toxic tort cases is as amorphous as it gets. One factor often confusing things is that many toxic tort injuries develop after a large period of time exposed to the toxin. Not only can each plaintiff have a different type of reaction to the toxin resulting in a different injury, but sometimes experience a variety of other environmental exposures during the relevant period of time, some of which may have a degree of toxicity too. A plaintiff’s counsel must have knowledge in dealing with medical experts including toxicologists, epidemiologists and any others dealing with issues of scientific and medical causation.

Toxic Substances

It’s not a comprehensive list, however, the following are some examples of toxic tort mass litigation – asbestos, lead paint, benzene, mold, pesticides, petrochemicals, and solvents.

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Mass toxic tort cases are extremely complex and vigorously defended by the attorneys of those accused of causing the harm. If you have been injured in such a case, you need the professional legal assistance and experience of the Zanes Law team on your side to protect your rights. Contact us today and let us help protect your community’s environment!

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