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What is the Process in Mass Tort Litigation?

Mass torts are civil lawsuits that are more commonly known as class-action suits. They involve multiple plaintiffs suing one or more defendants, usually big companies. Mass torts are handled in either a federal or state court. These lawsuits are part of personal injury law and may involve issues like product liability, employment discrimination, environmental disasters, defective drugs, insurance law and antitrust law. Zanes Law is a compelling choice if you are thinking about starting a mass tort lawsuit.

The Difference Between Mass Torts and Other Personal Injury Lawsuits

Generally, there are three distinct differences with mass torts that make them unique from other personal injury lawsuits. Usually, these actions involve claims that revolve around a product or device and include a multitude of injured plaintiffs. Also, in spite of multiple plaintiffs being involved in a Mass Tort, the facts of each person’s case tend to be similar. The claims in mass torts also have joint value, where each person receives a portion of compensation in a successful claim.

Mass Torts vs Individual Lawsuits

Mass torts tend to be more efficient than individual lawsuits. In addition, it’s common for a single law firm to represent multiple plaintiffs in a case. It means that all of the plaintiff’s details and resources can be consolidated within a single lawsuit, which can save time and energy. Only one law firm has the responsibility of investigating the claim and gathering evidence. This type of efficiency, in turn, is more beneficial to the group of plaintiffs.

Sometimes, a few different law firms might handle a mass tort lawsuit and work together for the benefit of all the plaintiffs. In general, this is common practice when there are multiple plaintiffs spread across the country. The ultimate goal is the same for all involved law firms; they strive to get the most compensation for their clients through a settlement or award from a jury.

Representative Action

Mass tort claims are also those that are known as a “representative action.” In general, only a few plaintiffs are actually named in the lawsuit and are considered to be a defined class on behalf of themselves and other individuals who joined in the suit. Other people have the right to join in or even opt out if they decide they want to start their own class action in a separate lawsuit.

Additionally, while most mass tort lawsuits seek financial compensation for any personal injury or damages incurred, in some cases, the plaintiffs may seek an injunction that orders the defendant to cease performing a certain action. For example, if the Mass Tort had to do with a product liability situation, the plaintiffs might request that the manufacturer stop selling a certain product that is known to be dangerous to the general public because it has already caused injuries.

If you want to start a mass tort lawsuit, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney. At Zanes Law, our Mass Tort Attorneys can help you to get started and will fight for your rights to get you the best possible outcome and compensation for your injuries and damages. Call us today and get the legal process started by scheduling a free initial consultation.

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