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What is A Class Action Lawyer and Why Do You Need One?

When a corporation's product or event harms many individuals, sometimes as many as hundreds or thousands, the injured parties as a group may sue to gain monetary compensation through civil courts.

What Does A Class Action Attorney Do?

Because a class action lawsuit is legally complex with many precise state and federal rules to follow, you need a skilled, experienced attorney who knows the process. To prepare for your case, a class action attorney must compile extensive information and data involving witnesses, interrogations, and depositions.

To effectively pursue monetary compensation in a class action lawsuit, your attorney must have high-level research, interviewing, negotiation, communication, courtroom and litigation skills.

In a class action lawsuit the consumers or employees seeking monetary damages are considered the plaintiff. The corporation that caused harm is the defendant.

Also, before any class action settlement occurs, the judge gives notice of the proposed settlement terms to the plaintiff and defendant. At that point, those who want to state their positions and/or objections may do so. If the defendant poses objections, your class action attorney must be prepared to oppose those objections to ensure the settlement is fair. Therefore, your attorney must be skilled and experienced in litigating actions against defendants in the civil courts.

If you are one of a group of individuals injured, because of a single event or consumer product, a class action lawsuit may help recover monetary damages through a civil court proceeding.

Events may qualify for a class action lawsuit:

Mechanical Malfunction
Adverse Drug Reactions
Structural and Property Collapse
Dangerous Job Environment
Construction/Structural Failures
Medical Device Injuries
Chemical Spills
Employer Discrimination
Securities Fraud
Consumer Fraud
Predatory Lending

Zanes Law Firm’s class action attorneys work diligently to help injured clients win the monetary compensation they deserve. As a premier law firm, our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of injured people winning over $140,000,000.00 in verdicts and settlements.

When you hire Zanes Law Firm, our attorneys will work hard to protect your rights and win a fair settlement. At all times, we will communicate with you honestly and treat you respectfully.

How Much Does a Zanes Law Firm Attorney Cost?

No Fee Until We Win Your Case

You don’t have to pay us a cent up front. As class action lawyers , we work on a contingency basis. That means we will not get paid until you receive a monetary award or settlement. We only take a pre-agreed fee from the class action settlement when we win your case. The final settlement amount you receive will depend on several factors, including the number of harmed individuals involved because of a product or event. Our no worry guarantee is that we cover all the discovery, research and court expenses whether you win or lose.

What You Should Do Next

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