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Have You Been Injured or A Loved One Killed By A Prescription Drug?

When your physician writes a prescription for medication to treat your illness, disease or condition, you trust that the drug will help not hurt you. Yet, sometimes taking prescription medication as instructed results in injuries and deaths because of adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

Prescription Drug Injuries

A Harvard University Center for Ethics study reported that prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved and released into the consumer marketplace. According to some studies, over two million patients suffer injuries from drugs deemed to be safe but which result in over one million hospitalizations a year.

Prescription Drug Deaths

Even worse, it is estimated that adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death among Americans. The number of Americans killed by ADRs is estimated to be over 328,000 in recent years.

Legally Prescribed Drugs Are Causing Massive Damage to Americans

Ironically, while the Federal Drug Administration approves dozens of new drugs yearly (46 in 2017) that are released into a trusting marketplace, at the same time it warns consumers about their potential risks and dangers.

Because large pharmaceutical companies are profit-driven, there has been increasing pressure on the FDA to approve drugs more quickly, thereby decreasing the research and testing that could reduce potential risks and dangers. Perhaps because of the rush to get new drugs into the consumer marketplace, ADRs have significantly increased in recent years.

Zanes Law can help if you’ve been injured or a loved one has died because of an adverse drug reaction. Chances are if you’ve been injured or a loved one has died because of an ADR, other consumers have been damaged by the same drug. In those cases, a group of individuals may sue the pharmaceutical company that made the drug. This is referred to as a defective drug mass tort whereby the harming drug manufacturer can be sued in a civil court for this type of legal case.

This type of suit is called a mass tort, meaning a group (or mass) of people who have been injured by a product may pursue monetary damages through a civil court.

Zanes Law Firm represents those injured by pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers and prescribing doctors (the latter different from malpractice) when a plaintiff was exposed to toxic medications resulting in injury or death. Recent examples of damages caused by drugs have included but are not limited to:


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that in 2017, 46 new drugs were released into the medical marketplace. If you or someone you love suffered injury or death because of a faulty product, our experienced product injury attorneys will review your case to determine whether the product’s company should be held liable for your damages. If you have a case that has violated the laws and rules governing consumer products, we will draw upon all our legal resources to fight for the money you deserve.

For the financial damages you may deserve due to an adverse drug reaction, call or email us today. Waiting may delay winning your rightful compensation. Through no fault of your own because of a pharmaceutical company’s product, you’re damaged and need a law firm who will fight for the financial compensation that is rightfully yours. Call us at 844.926.3752. Or email us using our contact form.