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How Long Does a Mass Tort Lawsuit Take?

The complexities of a mass tort lawsuit process vary with some cases resolving within months to others taking years to settle. While that may be discouraging news, it’s important to know this in advance and prepare for what’s ahead.

Preparing a mass tort lawsuit involves research, investigations, witness interviews, depositions, motion filing, negotiations, litigation, and in many cases, a trial.

Upon meeting with a Zanes Law attorney about your mass tort case , we may give you an estimate of how long the process might take, but no attorney can or should guarantee a timeline. The timeline is affected by many factors outside the attorney’s control. The number of injured plaintiffs, the types and severity of injuries, the collection of evidence, locating and interviewing witnesses, deposing expert witnesses, actions and responses of the defendant, settlement negotiations and the court process itself, among many other factors, affect the length of time to resolve mass tort cases.