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What is a Mass Tort Lawyer and Why You Need One?

A Zanes Law mass tort lawyer is experienced in knowing the details and intricacies of researching, organizing, filing, negotiating, and trying cases in this type of civil action. A mass tort attorney knows that when a corporation or entity (defendant) is responsible for causing injuries to numerous people (plaintiffs), the injured, as a group, may file a civil action in a state or federal court against the harming party.

For instance, in the event of a plane crash, injuries will vary from broken bones to burns, amputations, brain trauma and death. Typically, a serious brain injury will win a greater monetary award than a broken arm might. The injuries unique to each victim will determine the monetary compensation awarded to those individuals separately. Mass tort cases are prepared, negotiated and tried using specific, precise methods, and Zanes Law Firm’s attorneys have the experience to get the best result possible for your injuries.

Types of Products or Events that Our Attorneys Are Qualified to Handle In A Mass Tort Litigation

Faulty Medical Devices
Defective Products
Prescription Drugs
Toxic Contamination
Food Contamination
Property Structural Failure
Plane and Train Crashes

A Zanes Law Firm Attorney Knows What Makes Your Injuries a Mass Tort Case

Understanding the difference between a personal injury or mass tort lawsuit is important to achieving a monetary outcome. At Zanes Law, we understand the advantage of trying mass tort civil litigation over other types of lawsuits in state and federal courts. We have over 20 years experience knowing how to increase the probability of winning large settlements for our clients.

Monetary Compensation You Deserve - It’s Your Right

While the attorneys at Zanes Law Firm know that no amount of money can adequately make up for the suffering caused by a catastrophic injurious event, you have a moral and legal right to be monetarily compensated. As your mass tort attorneys, we are committed to working hard to win the compensation you deserve and will fight your battle with insurance companies, attorneys, and the courts.

Why Hire Zanes Law Firm for Your Mass Tort Suit ?

When Zanes Law Firm takes on your mass tort lawsuit, we will commit to doing everything necessary to win the compensation that both you and the other group members deserve. As a premier mass tort law firm, our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of injured people who have been harmed in these types of incidents. With our guidance through the process, we’ll help minimize the stress of your ordeal so you can focus on healing or grieving the loss of your loved one. Here are some of Zanes Law Firm’s highlights:

Over $140,000,000.00 in Verdicts and Settlements Won
Over 20 Years Experience
Spanish Fluency
Million Dollar Advocate Forum Member*
Convenient Phoenix and Central and South Tucson Offices
In Hospital or Home Visits When Necessary
Free Case Review and Consultation
Respectful, Supportive, Accessible

No Fee Until We Win Your Mass Tort Case!

You have enough to worry about, and our attorneys understand. When you hire us, we do all the work without charging you a fee until we win your case.

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